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WH-RS20-A Silver Wheel Spokes

WH-RS20-A Silver Wheel Spokes


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  • WH-RS20-A Silver Wheel Spokes
  • SKU694461
  • Front,
  • £3.99
  • WH-RS20-A Silver Wheel Spokes
  • SKU694462
  • Rear,
  • £3.99
  • WH-RS20-A Silver Wheel SpokesWH-RS20-A Silver Wheel Spokes
  • SKU694463
  • Black Nipple,
  • £1.99
  • WH-RS20-A Silver Wheel SpokesWH-RS20-A Silver Wheel Spokes
  • SKU694464
  • Red Nipple,
  • £1.99
  • WH-RS20-A Silver Wheel SpokesWH-RS20-A Silver Wheel Spokes
  • SKU694465
  • Silver Nipple,
  • £1.50

Shimano WH-RS20-A silver Wheel Spokes

Silver stainless steel flat bladed straight pull spoke for this 700c wheelset.
Shimano Part Numbers:
Y-012 AN842 Front Silver 284mm,
Y-012 AP022 Rear Silver 302mm,
Sold individually
Spoke nipple sold separately
Shimano's tech page on these wheels:
Front Wheel information:
Rear wheel information:
Other parts are available to order. Please send me a message.

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