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Shimano 105 ST-5600 Name Plate

Shimano 105 ST-5600 Name Plate


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  • Shimano 105 ST-5600 Name PlateShimano 105 ST-5600 Name Plate
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  • Black Name Plate,
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  • Shimano 105 ST-5600 Name Plate
  • SKU66512
  • Silver Name Plate,
  • £11.99

Shimano 105 ST-5600 Name Plate

Shimano Code Y-6KD 98030 (Black Plate)
Shimano Code: Y-6RR 98030 (Silver Plate)
Supplied individually.
Universal fitting - Left and Right
To find out if this is compatible with your STI unit, roll back the rubber hood on the right hand side (rear gear control lever) and on the outside of the plastic lever housing, approximately in line with the handlebar clamping band there is a molding with the model code.

Shimano's tech page on these levers:


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